Yard Waste & Loose Leaf Collection

Loose Leaf Truck

Public Works provides yard waste and loose leaf collection to residents.   

Yard waste (branches, grass, leaves, shrubbery, trimmings, and weeds) may be either placed in 95-gallon water-tight roll-out container or raked in a pile curbside for collection. No plastic or paper bags are allowed. 

Large/Oversized Piles: will have a fee assessed to the collection. Please call Public Works for more information.

  1. Collection Guidelines
  2. Acceptable & Unacceptable Items
  3. Find Your Collection day

Collection Guidelines

  • Limbs must not exceed 3 feet long and 4 inches in diameter.
  • Yard waste must be free of all debris.  No dirt, sod, rock, or concrete.  

Yard Waste Placed in 95-Gallon Roll-out Containers:

  • Place container at the street with the lid opening towards the street.
  • Allow 3 - 5 feet of clearance between your container and any other item. 
  • Do not place yard waste cart in drainage ditch, bike lane, street, or on sidewalk. 
  • Filled roll-out containers (other than Town roll-out containers) must not weigh more than 50 pounds.

Yard Waste Placed Curbside in a Pile:

  • Yard waste piles should be long and narrow and placed as close to the curb as possible (within 10 feet).
  • Do not place yard waste in drainage ditch, bike lane, street, or on sidewalk. 

The town cannot collect debris cut by a private contractor. This should be disposed of by the contractor.

Thank you for following these tips. It helps us provide better service to you.

Yard Waste Containers

Yard Waste Cart-transYard waste containers may be purchased from Town Hall receptionist at 301 W Main Street or you may print a Yard Waste Container Order Form (PDF) and mail it to Town Hall along with a check or money order:

Carrboro Town Hall                                                                               301 W Main Street                                                                               Carrboro, NC 27510

Public Works will deliver the container to your residence within 2 business days of receipt of payment. Please contact Public Works at 919-918-7425 for current container pricing.

FREE Leaf Compost

FREE leaf compost is available to Carrboro residents. For more information, please visit our Free Leaf Compost web page.